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Speechera designed to help children with speech therapy.

Research-proven method puts your child in real-life situations. Social skills, Safety, Life skills, and more.


Online Speech Therapy Resource Platform

Our goal was to create an accessible resource platform that would not compromise on quality, knowing that Speech Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, and Educational Therapy can be prohibitively expensive. Whether you are a therapist, parent, or teacher, we sincerely hope that your children and students enjoy using our tools as much as we do..

Speechera was created to fill the need for more convenient, effective, and affordable speech therapy activity and resource platform. Our team of passionate professionals has made it our mission to help others improve their communication skills, thereby enhancing their quality of life

How Speechera platform can help your child?
  • Interactive exercises: Speechera platform can provide interactive exercises and games that allow children to practice their speech and language skills in a fun and engaging way.
  • Video modeling: Our platform offer video modeling, allowing children to see and hear correct speech and language production.
  • Progress tracking: The platform can track a child’s progress over time, providing both the child, parent and their speech therapist with valuable insights into their speech and language development.
  • Accessible anytime: Our platform can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, making it convenient for children and their families to practice their skills at any time.
Years old

By the age of two, children should be using at least 50 single words and combining them to form short phrases of two or three words.

Years old

Three-year-olds should be able to make sentences of up to five words, utilize early grammar words such as he, she, is, a, the, and word endings like John’s, cats, running.

Years old

 By the age of four, many children are already skilled communicators, speaking fluently in complex and lengthy sentences.

Years old

A 5 year olds typically have well-developed communication skills and can hold conversations confidently with both adults and other children. 

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